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Here's The Scoop!

Let us tell you a little bit about ourselves!

We bought the Sonora Tap Room in hopes that we could help cultivate a community in our small town where people can feel welcome and comfortable!

We strive to create a fun atmosphere where people from all over can come and share a drink and feel right at home!


When the Tap Room fell into our laps, we couldn't pass up the opportunity!

We both wanted to create a space where everyone can come and feel like they’re part of the small town family!

Our goal was to create a down to earth, fun social hour where you can enjoy some delicious wine & local beer!


We are so excited for what’s to come & the direction we are going!
We hope to see you soon!


If you don’t  recognize me from

The Tap Room, you may know me as a retired firefighter, Sonora High alumni, a coach for my son’s soccer team, or maybe from the trails I enjoy mountain biking on!

I grew up in Sonora, so getting the opportunity to serve my small town through handcrafted beer & community is awesome!


 I hope you can stop by to check it out!



I grew up in Groveland, but moved over to Sonora a few years back when my daughters became super active in sports and started school here.

Outside of the bar my big girl job is a being a  Realtor at Barendregt Properties. You will also find me on the trails accompanying Josh on my mountain bike. Along with all these passions, I now get to add bartending to the list!  

I am excited to see the Tap Room grow and continue to serve my community in new ways!

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